The CDC agrees, the Olympics can increase the global health risk of Zika (July 14, 2016)

On July 14 2016, viagra the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) published a study which concludes that the Olympics pose a “unique or substantive risk” of Zika transmission to certain poor countries in Africa. While the CDC study is not as ambitious or methodologically strong as we would like, what is ed it does at least reach the correct conclusion that the Rio Olympics pose a global health threat and can spread a virus that brain damages children.  That the IOC, web WHO and Brazilian government were dishonest in belittling that possibility is now even clearer than it was before.

It is still not too late to postpone the Rio Olympics, so that the natural process of “herd immunity” ends the Zika virus outbreak in Brazil, after which the Olympics could proceed without this danger.  Furthermore, with so many other problems bedeviling Rio at that moment, waiting is not such a bad idea for other reasons too.

– Rio Olympics Later